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Dailux canopy luminaire provides exceptional quality illumination, stability, durability, and cost savings. The LED fixture is a 120 watt energy-efficient replacement for 300 watt metal halide fixtures with a 50,000-hour life span. With a 115 degree flood  beam angle, it emits as much as 4165 lumens in brightness.The LED canopy light is made of heavy-duty die cast aluminum and provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. It is adopted with an integrated cooling fin release for effective heat dissipation. Available in 5000K with a high color rendering index (CRI), the fixture guarantees high quality white light.

The Dailux® LED Canopy Light is the preferred product of choice among many customers when replacing 350-450W HID fixtures in outdoor settings. Operates at only 100W while maintaining a superior lumen output of 11000, which is an industry high efficacy of 120lm/W meaning more quality for less the cost! This light canopy is ideal for commercial, industrial as well as residential applications. Use it in parking garages, schools, outdoor walkways, commercial outdoor spaces, outdoor security lighting and many more! The Dailux LED Canopy is truly a durable product that is built to last substantially longer than 50,000+ hours. If this is not enough security for you, the lighting fixture is, similar to all Dailux products, backed by a 5 year unlimited warranty. We call it the most hassle free warranty program in America as we truly stand behind the quality of our products.