2016 German iF design award announced no shortage of LED products

2016 German iF design award announced no shortage of LED products

2016 iF Design Night - 63rd iF Design Awards Night cum on February 26, 2016 held in BMW BMW World center in Munich, Germany. iF CEO Ralph Wiegmann presided over the awards ceremony for the winners of awards from around the world. There will also be more than 2,000 participants from design, business, culture and media sectors attended the premier event for the design community. Current iF design awards night ceremony cum end, the most striking LED related gold works, what does?

Super-Oh: indoor lighting

DeltaLight The design and development. The lamp has three different versions of specifications, making it ideal for high spaces, such as reception area office, hotel. Inside the ring has a very compact arrangement of LED lamps for lighting. Super-OhLED lamp is a pure design combines the unique appearance, delicate design combined with highly efficient lighting technology it won the iF design award well deserved.

74R / Q: LED wall lights

SiegerDesign designed a LED lamp. From the exterior, this light has a smooth, floating appearance, and the appearance of two different forms: square and round. Highly accurate contour design is the biggest highlight of this product, from the perspective of lighting, this lamp light to achieve the greatest degree of impact on the environment changes, and better able to adapt to the environment, to create a uniform, warm light environment, and does not consume too much cost, is a simple look below contains the powerful lighting products.

All are OLED display interface Audi e-tronquattro Car

Audi housekeeping technology in a future Audi SUV concept car for new energy guidelines car design direction. Obviously under the pressure of lower roof profile, black wheel eyebrow and large wheels to create a movement style; internal operations console screen bias driving position and interior are all OLED display interface, all operations can be done by gesture control .

Light wall (LICHTGRENZE)

November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall, Germany pushed, German reunification has become an important symbol of the Cold War ended. 2014, 7 - 9, 2009, Germany held a three-day event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. WHITEvoidinteractiveart & design along the former Berlin Wall, with 8000 white helium balloons light to build a 15 km long border lighting, 9 at night, this 8000 balloons were flying, the symbol of the disappearance of the Berlin Wall.

MESH: including LED light bulb Smart DIY kit

SONY Corporation designs, and worked in the fundraising IndieGogo an intelligent DIY kit. The Intelligence Suite named MESH include buttons, LED light bulb, an accelerometer and a universal module. These modules can be linked between each other, as long as an iPad application can associate between them, such as accelerometers fall - trigger bulb, or press the switch - trigger universal module and so on. It has a very simple and clean design, highlights the function of each element, but also reflected in the software design elements.