Lightning surge is a direction LED outdoor lighting design

Lightning surge is a direction LED outdoor lighting design

It is understood that the type of lightning is divided into two categories, namely direct lightning strikes and lightning. Thunderstorm for thunderstorm activity in the area, lightning discharge electricity is about 25 ~ 100C, whereby the conversion of heat lightning point of about 500 ~ 2000J, mechanical force of about 5000 ~ 6000N. The high lightning induced by static electricity can also be generated by electromagnetic induction, the chances of the formation of lightning voltage of electronic equipment within the building a huge threat.

Lightning surge protection is mainly inside the protective equipment, the general surge electronics devices. Surge protection should be considered in the system design for outdoor LED lighting power characteristics, the surge protector is applied to the system is basically divided into three levels: 1, the lightning current arrester (GDT gas discharge tube); 2 overvoltage arresters to (MOV varistor); 3, the terminal equipment protection (TVS).

In fact, the product from the design stage to take lightning surge, while the production cost can be reduced; the other hand will extend product life.

For high-power LED outdoor power, the quality as the heart is connected with the whole lifeblood of lights.

Thunderstorm is invisible killer LED lights, a lot of outdoor power company's products are defeated by lightning above. Kin-technology use more than four years, the accumulation of market and technical experience, a lot of cost and effort to constantly lightning and anti-surge technology improvement upgrades. Eventually made lightning surge, warranty 5 years LED outdoor power supply.

LED High Power Outdoor Power coincides met LED outdoor road landscape lighting market, but also ushered in a new round of opportunities.
        2015 Chinese landscape lighting market reached 48.5 billion yuan, is expected in 2016 Chinese landscape lighting market will reach 54 billion yuan, a growth rate of 11.34%.

Such a huge market space. Market already has, then only need to make the most cost effective high power outdoor power products, the future will certainly occupy a certain market share.