LED lights "play" to do a new height UAV transfer station?

LED lights "play" to do a new height UAV transfer station?

Recently, Amazon exposure of new patents a "multi-purpose UAV system and method transfer station," called, which adds more details.

As early as a year ago, Amazon a year ago envisioned a massive drone air delivery of future scenarios, by establishing a set of delivery drones transit system to solve their endurance is limited and in bad weather conditions .

It is understood that Amazon Prime Air drone delivery can carry five pounds (about 2.26 kg) of cargo, fly up to 20 miles (about 32 kilometers), can bicyclic ring around Beijing.

Pictures from the patent, the transfer station will be built on the street.

The first is a transit point for energy depot, where drones can directly put a new battery or a fuel supplement. In addition, it initiated a voluntary recall to remove the solar energy to charge the battery.

Then, set up a transit point on the LED lights, whether feasible, we take a look at how the industry bigwigs are saying.

Energy-saving lamps + charge pile overall solution that the electric car charging pile and integration of energy-saving lights. MOSO New Energy Chairman Qinzhuan Jun told Engineering LED, "a strong rise of charging pile concept might help LED lighting reconstruction legend."

In fact, when it comes to LED lights + charging pile, I believe we should first think of the Shanghai think twice.

On March this year in Frankfurt Lighting Fair, Shanghai think twice and Germany's BMW joint stage to show Think provide wisdom lights from Shanghai, BMW offers charging piles and BMW i8 environmentally friendly electric supercar composition wisdom street light system to provide Smart City latest solutions Program.

Combination of the two companies was indeed in the LED industry set off a firestorm. It is understood that the system is fully developed by the independent think twice, now in Jiangxi Wuning Industrial Zone and Jiangsu Hongze put into use.

In fact, think twice Shanghai as a domestic LED intelligent lighting industry leader, has LED lights, hardware and system intelligence poles, intelligent control systems and 4G / 5G communications base integration, integration of intelligent charging piles for Smart City development of a new idea.

For UAV transfer station set up in the street above, think twice whether it will participate in the future Shanghai layout, it remains to be seen.

Hua Puyong Ming Chen Kai, chairman and president thinks the way the poles of the bearing are all standard poles current load is not enough, if the reconstruction, it would involve the construction investment. Future, if we can put a greater load-bearing poles, there may be possible.

Insiders also said, "leaving the user needs intelligent products are bullying." Then, set up a transit station on the street, whether to implement a user needs to get rid of the pseudo-demand? It also requires the first person to eat crab to 

prove .