After going to the supermarket to buy things, go to work, the boss will be lazy to know through the light?

After going to the supermarket to buy things, go to work, the boss will be lazy to know through the light?

In France, Carrefour, supermarket managers can know exactly where customers stay in front of each shelf, to understand which shelves more attractive to customers. Here, each lamp has a greater value than the lighting - the collection of data, and the transmission of data information to the supermarket manager, so that managers can better manage the supermarket.

At home, you can through the mobile phone is used to adjust the lights, let cooking, games, study, sleep has become more artistic. Time to go home to a warm light, waiting for you, after the home feeling is no longer a dark.

These are no longer a dream, PHILPS has to think of and realize.

"PHILPS's understanding of the intelligent interconnection is not just connect (connection), connect is only the first step, the second step is a more important step, is collection (collection, integration)." PHILPS lighting China lighting design and application of the general manager of the general manager of PHILPS lighting 2016 media conference on.

Seemingly different two English words, the meaning of expression is very different. This difference also reflects the PHILPS lighting for the value of the light of a new exploration and understanding -

Light, beyond what is seen

Today, we ushered in the era of comprehensive intelligent Internet of things." Is also in 2016 media conference, Philips Lighting in Greater China President Wang Yun passionately said, "our demand for lighting is no longer independently, to illuminate the space, but contains a service system and a comprehensive solution."

Indeed, only a light has been unable to meet the modern human pursuit for light, from paying attention to the more beautiful light according to the lifi proposed and implemented, the people for the pursuit of light has not only lies in the lighting, but that the demands of the information and data. PHILPS lighting keenly to capture this, before people did not expect the information collection function to people in front of the eyes, tell all consumers: light, beyond what they see.

LED for lighting to achieve more function offers the possibility in intelligent LED lighting time, Philips Lighting will be advanced intelligent interconnection lighting technology application in home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, implementation is no longer the beauty of the lighting, but the combination of the data more high-tech LED intelligent interconnection.

"We want to do more than just the lighting, but for the owners to provide greater value." Yao Mengming believes that this is what PHILPS has been committed to doing.

Light, no place to hide

In 2016 media conference, Philips Lighting show ActiveSite smart interconnected system is, this is the Philips Lighting first based on cloud services platform of intelligent lighting interconnected system can provide remote monitoring, management and maintenance of the building LED lighting equipment, and troubleshooting, remote design by setting, generate custom reports in real-time services.

In other words, ActiveSite, wherever they are, lighting system managers can receive the information, understand the exact position of the equipment failure, thus, solve problems; it is understood, ActiveSite can also distance light show, matching different season and heavy big pieces, showing different lighting effects.

And office use PoE system, through a network cable can be achieved on the lighting system power supply and control, open office lighting device interconnection era. The built-in sensor will collect data, transfer to the background management center, lighting system managers can control the lighting and air conditioning temperature through these data. Innovative optical communication technology can achieve indoor navigation, that is, who are not in their own position, to leave a long time, are able to know."

Indoor, business, outdoor, landscape, Philips Lighting to its strong technical support and rich imagination, to help achieve the most comfortable and convenient, the sense of science and technology of lighting experience, perhaps this is the Philips Lighting 125 years, has been leading the lighting industry.

But then again, I work overtime at home, the boss can not pass my home lights know?