"Smart" this amulet, useful? Is a big fat or "virtual table"

"Smart" this amulet, useful? Is a big fat or "virtual table"

With the gradual start of a new round of lighting competition, more and more manufacturers began to really force the "smart lighting" this urgent need to expand the big fat.

Traditional lighting equipment manufacturers such as Philips Lighting, Osram, GE, Sunshine, Aurora, Op lighting have launched a number of intelligent LED lights, are actively transforming the overall solution for intelligent lighting solutions provider.

Of course, there are many domestic Internet and related equipment enterprises have cross-border to join the intelligent lighting army, such as ZTE, Huawei, millet and other giants have LED lighting business strategic cooperation.

Domestic LED lighting enterprises to get involved in the field of intelligent lighting, is more numerous, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, special areas of lighting, almost every area in the enterprise are talking about intelligence.

According to the latest data show that by 2020, the global smart lighting market is expected to reach 8.14 billion US dollars from 2015 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate of about 22%.

Intelligent lighting from the proposed to the industry and enterprises "hanging mouth", and now the rational view, the whole industry chain has become more mature.

In China, intelligent lighting environment is the best. From a macro point of view, smart home, smart city construction are in the tight step, from the LED industry, China is gradually becoming the world's largest LED manufacturing center.

In the general manager of solar lighting, it seems, to achieve intelligent lighting, in addition to the growth in demand, more important is to keep up with technology, because the technology upgrade is necessary to cross the threshold, more importantly, also solve the information problem .

This week, Osram smart lighting business in continuous action, people see this intelligent layout strategy has become the global LED industry, a new round of change opportunity.

Like Philips Lighting, Osram, one of the big three lighting houses, is accelerating the smart lighting business. Although the two companies are in the sale of general lighting business of the "key point in time", but this does not prevent it from looking for the next new potential profit growth point.

OSRAM decided to merge its intelligent lighting business (LIGHTFY) and digital lighting business (DIGITAL SYSTEM) in order to combine the advantages of both sides to create synergies to promote the development and expansion of OSRAM in the world.

LIGHTFY was founded in 2013 and generates annual sales of EUR 20 million. LIGHTFY's intelligent lighting has become a symbol of OSRAM's innovation in a large event like the European Singing Contest.

In March of this year, Osram introduced Lightify intelligent light bulb, the main mid-market. OSRAM Lightify has a separate Hub, the use of mobile phone applications can be scanned QR code connection, but also has a switch, adjust the color temperature and other mainstream features.

Another key area of intelligent lighting is outdoor engineering.

This week, OSRAM acquired a 47.5% stake in Tvilight, a Dutch software specialist, to further expand its expertise in urban intelligent outdoor lighting systems. In addition, Tvilight will provide sensor technology and intelligent optical management software for OSRAM's Smart City Solutions.

According to OSRAM official, the acquisition of Tvilight shares, is Osram on the growing demand for urban intelligent optical solutions in response.

Intelligent Internet lighting is the professional lighting system solutions Osram focus of attention. OSRAM has been in the field of urban outdoor lighting has achieved a leading position. Tvilight's products to join, OSRAM to further consolidate their leading position in the field.

Earlier, Osram Asia Pacific president Wu Shengbo has said that the integration of resources will be one of the main direction of the future of OSRAM. "Various types of strategic partners we will consider, we can consider some of the products within the product, the channel, the brand, we complement each other stronger partners, aims to do 1 +1> 2 Effect."

For many LED-ming enterprises, in the smart lighting market share of the big cake, is not easy. Because this means that enterprises in product technology, supply chain, channel and other aspects of a new transformation and upgrading.

Panel lamp market segment category "new favorite"

In the field of commercial lighting, consumer lighting quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and LED panel lights because it is surface light, soft and comfortable light, light uniformity, prominent eye protection role. Industry sources, LED panel lights gradually recognized by consumers, market penetration has increased year by year.

LED interior lighting products in the gradual decline in the price of the market demand and sales are gradually increasing. LED panel lights LED lighting market segments quickly become a category of "new favorite."

"LED panel lights are now mainly export-oriented, the domestic is only the beginning, the people seem to do a lot, but are around the export market, mainly exported to India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions." Huatai electronic responsible person said.

In the Sidon lighting, general manager Chen Shi appears, suddenly so many companies to pay attention to LED panel lights may be two main reasons: First, the price is the core point, LED panel lights prices gradually close to the market demand; , See the success of the case. "In the earliest areas of the ceiling were basically LED panel lights to replace, after the successful replacement of the ceiling to give you great confidence, have started to look under the LED panel lights.

In fact, the advantages of LED panel lights is far more than these, different from the previous lighting effects, coupled with the unique LED far more than the traditional fluorescent lamp life, making it is not now simply replace the traditional products (replace the traditional grille ).

This fall Hong Kong exhibition, many of the main push panel lights manufacturers (of which 600 * 600mm 40W for the best-selling models), from the feedback of these companies show the effect of the current export demand for panel lights is the largest.

COB next homemade "mopping up" position

COB market demand in the past two years is growing rapidly, especially in the field of high-end commercial lighting, penetration is getting higher and higher. Also in the outdoor lighting market, COB application rate has gradually increased, so more and more companies involved in COB market.

International manufacturers, in addition to the early COB market has been deepening the Citizen, Sharp, Puri, Luminus other than, CREE, Lumileds and Nichia and other manufacturers have also joined. Look at the Chinese manufacturers, involved in the COB is not unusual, including the Hongli Zhihui, in the Hao photoelectric, Li Yang shares, Crystal Electronics, in the core source, the same side optoelectronics.

"In fact, the basic performance of the domestic part of the manufacturers have reached the international level, but in the export or some specific projects, the brand influence may account for some of the advantages of international brands, but the advantage will become increasingly small!" General Manager Wang Gaoyang told senior engineer LED.

Domestic COB stability, professionalism has gradually catch up with international manufacturers, the replacement rate is also increasing year by year. (GGII) data show, COB in the domestic packaging products, the overall share of more than 7%, is widely used in street lamps, direct backlight, spotlights and other high-brightness applications of high-power LED, the LED Demand will grow from 18.5 billion in 2014 to 27 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 13%.

Three years ago, the domestic COB applications are indeed based on foreign brands, imports, but the last two years with the COB-related materials, technology and gradually mature, domestic focus on COB products and foreign companies already have COB products comparable Level.

Wang Hao, general manager of the photoelectric Wang said, "the domestic market, the flow of high light efficiency COB, most of the share is cost-effective domestic COB products, but in Europe and the United States because of brand and customer-specified factors, foreign brands COB Use is still relatively high proportion.

"With the COB technology matures, in the fierce market Daobi, the domestic part of the manufacturers COB package device performance has been comparable with foreign companies."

Vehicle LED next focus areas for contention

Over the past few years, automotive LED lighting has been stuck in taillights, brake lights and interior lighting, dashboard applications, LED headlamps also exist in the topic, the controversy; and now, many loading or even the whole standard With LED headlamps models have been mass production market.

This also means that LED automotive lighting market is entering a new development cycle.

At present there is the ability to design and production of LED automotive headlights of the company is still small. At present, mainland China's automotive lighting supply chain, from the device, to the module, to the lights, joint ventures and foreign manufacturers have accounted for most of the market share, mainland Chinese firms still can not compete with them.

LED lights in the industrial chain, the chip from the point of view, the domestic market is almost Philips lamp, OSRAM, crystal power all swept, which OSRAM a dominance, which has the most extensive product line and the world's top depot cooperation , The whole industry into a foreign monopoly of the embarrassing situation.

While the monopoly of LED lights means high margin phenomenon. According to the relevant person in charge of Hongli Zhihui, "Automotive Lighting is a major highlight of the company 's semi - annual report, in automotive lighting products, the company achieved revenue 93.44 million, an increase of 74.13%, gross margin reached 49.10%.

From the global LED application market, general lighting application market share continues to increase, including automotive lighting and intelligent lighting applications will become a new wave of global LED application growth momentum.

According to "China Automotive Industry Yearbook" data, China's automobile production and sales for eight consecutive years of sustained growth, and ranked first in the world, becoming the world's automotive industry an important part. In 2015, China's auto production and sales were 24.5 million and 24.59 million, production increased by 3.3%, sales rose 4.7%, a record high.

LED industry research institute (GGII) the latest data that is expected by the end of 2016, China's auto lighting market size of 20.4 billion yuan, while the lamp market size will reach 42.276 billion yuan. The next few years, the industry market size trend steadily, is expected to 2020, the market will reach 57.143 billion yuan, 20.67 billion yuan more than in 2016, an increase of 35.17%.

Can be predicted in the next few years, China's auto parts and after-sales service market demand will increase significantly, while the automotive lighting market, there is a huge potential for development. (See details)

CSP costs continue to decline, the market continues to heat up

With the rapid technological innovation is still evolving, CSP and other new technologies, new technology maturity is also rapidly increasing.

At present, CSP products have been applied to large-size backlight products such as large-size backlight and mobile phone flashlight market, small batch used in automotive lighting, automotive lighting market in 2017 is expected to form large-scale shipments.

In addition, CSP in high-power special lighting, dimmable lighting, explosion-proof lighting and some other areas in line with the characteristics of CSP will also give priority to applications. Many in the industry believe that CSP is likely to enter the rapid growth in the next few years.

LED Research Institute (GGII) predicts that the next three years, CSP, flip-product market share will reach more than three percent, but also will become China's LED packaging enterprises across the full range of foreign enterprises the best opportunity.

Zhao Chi, deputy general manager of energy-saving lighting shares Zhenghai Bin said, "In foreign countries, such as Japan and South Korea CSP has been in the TV backlight and flash market has a high market penetration in the lighting market is also in a wide promotion phase.In the domestic , Due to equipment, materials and other supporting the relative development of the relative lag, so the basic domestic CSP are in small batch production, marketing stage.

At present, the main factors restricting the cost of CSP products are high-precision production and testing equipment. The development of the matching supply chain of materials such as chips has not yet formed a scale. The domestic CSP equipment manufacturers have large-scale investment, such as chips and other raw materials have not yet become large-scale Mass production, raw material costs are high.

In this market context, Siu Chi energy-saving lighting shares on the one hand and raw material suppliers through strategic cooperation to help suppliers of standardized material development, direct CSP product cost reduction; the other hand, through deep communication with customers in the design and development of the The beginning of a comprehensive product program to give technical support, and ultimately achieve the total cost of CSP product program optimization.

With the domestic production equipment, chips and other materials supporting the development of supply chain, the next few years CSP prices will inevitably decline substantially until the price of existing products 20% -30%.

"CSP products will be fully promoted and applied in different fields, which will make the competition of CSP products become more intense and radical in the market.

Intelligent lighting multinationals next amulet

Is stripping the sale of assets in the stage of OSRAM, and did not stop the pace of their industrial layout.

OSRAM has acquired a minority stake in Tvilight, a Dutch software specialist, to further expand its expertise in urban intelligent outdoor lighting systems.

OSRAM, as a lighting manufacturer, will hold a 47.5% stake in the company. In addition, Tvilight will provide sensor technology and intelligent light management software for OSRAM's Smart City Solutions.

Tvilight provides a platform for urban and other public space owners to realize the vision of a smart city and will continue to provide an open platform for providers of smart city solutions.

Osram acquires Tvilight equity to enhance its expertise and realize the vision of Smart City Lighting.

"In order to expand the city's lighting solutions business and provide customers with better value, Osram has installed additional intelligence elements for its outdoor lighting," said Eladia Pulido, head of professional lighting systems solutions at OSRAM.Tvilight's software solutions Is the best extension of our lamps.

The lighting network may be the foundation of a smart urban infrastructure. They create extra value beyond simple lighting, such as support for traffic management or air quality monitoring in the city center.

The acquisition of Tvilight is a response to OSRAM's growing demand for intelligent urban light solutions.

Intelligent Internet lighting is the professional lighting system solutions Osram focus of attention. OSRAM has been in the field of urban outdoor lighting has achieved a leading position. Tvilight's products to join, OSRAM to further consolidate their leading position in the field.