LED enterprise layout Intelligent lighting market to be fully upgraded

LED enterprise layout Intelligent lighting market to be fully upgraded

Like Philips Lighting, Osram, one of the big three lighting houses, is accelerating the smart lighting business. Although the two companies are in the sale of general lighting business, "the key point in time", but this does not prevent it looking for the next new profit growth point.

Recently, OSRAM decided to its intelligent lighting business (LIGHTFY) and digital lighting business sector (DIGITALSYSTEM) combined, in order to combine the advantages of both sides, create brilliant results. This initiative is bound to create synergies to promote OSRAM in the global development and growth.

Whether it is home, or for commercial building decoration, LIGHTFY is to show us the future of wireless lighting. The use of smart phones or mobile APP on the plate, a different personalized mood can be expressed through the colorful lights. LIGHTFYPRO is the world's first professional lighting system that can be set up and controlled using mobile applications.

Last year, China's domestic lighting market from the traditional lighting products to LED lighting products, the transformation rate is far more than most people imagine.

In the industry view, the lighting market is divided into two parts, part of the scale-oriented market, this part of the market is more standardized products, compared to the quality, we value its cost.

In this field, to Osram as the representative of the multinational market competitiveness is declining, compared to the domestic LED lighting production capacity, cost-effective and automated production line of rapid import, are gradually catching up or even in some products Has more than multinational companies.

LED lighting industry in the past, due to fierce competition, the market is a "Red Sea" fight for the pattern of competition, price war, channel grab war, marketing propaganda war is a common competitive situation.

With the rapid development of LED lighting industry, the past two years, lighting market ups and downs, the international LED giant split, exit lighting business, China LED enterprise integration, mergers and acquisitions, Paolu, the rise of the world LED lighting market in twists and turns In the line.

From the global distribution point of view, in recent years with the advent of low-cost lighting trends, the gradual rise of China's LED manufacturers, market share from 5% in 2009 to 25% in 2015, a very rapid growth.

Then another part of the market more emphasis on its technical nature, including the customer service, in all aspects of the technical requirements are relatively high. Intelligent lighting is one of the typical representative.

LIGHTFY was founded in 2013 and generates annual sales of EUR 20 million. LIGHTFY's intelligent lighting has become a symbol of OSRAM's innovation in a large event like the European Singing Contest.

In March of this year, Osram introduced Lightify intelligent light bulb, the main mid-market. OSRAM Lightify has a separate Hub, the use of mobile phone applications can be scanned QR code connection, also has a switch, adjust the color temperature and other mainstream features.

Over the past two years, LIGHTFY team has established a solid business foundation.

"It's time to move into a global phase of rapid growth through internal collaboration," said Timon Rupp, founder and principal of LIGHTFY's innovative R & D department. The merger with DS will create the right conditions for this competition.

LIGHTFY has worked closely with other business units in the past to successfully complete the deployment of wireless lighting networks. The combination of DS and the combination of the two advantages, so that the two sides together become more powerful.

"After becoming an early investor at LIGHTFY, I am now looking forward to welcoming the LIGHTFY team to DS," said Geertvander Meer, DS's chief executive officer.

LIGHTFY has a streamlined organizational structure, flexible and entrepreneurial way of working. While preserving these characteristics, will also play a synergistic effect with the business sector. Wireless lighting network is the focus of OSRAM digital strategy.

As a result, the OSRAM Board will keep a close eye on the consolidation process. "I would like to thank the LIGHTFY team for their outstanding performance and hard work over the years," said Dr. Stefan Kampmann, CTO. "I will continue to work as a personal mentor, both during the merger process and after the merger, guide."

Intelligent Internet lighting is the professional lighting system solutions Osram focus of attention. OSRAM has been in the field of urban outdoor lighting has achieved a leading position. Tvilight's products to join, OSRAM to further consolidate their leading position in the field.

Earlier, Osram Asia Pacific president Wu Shengbo has said that the integration of resources will be one of the main direction of the future of OSRAM. "Various types of strategic partners we will consider, we can consider some of the products within the product, the channel, the brand, we complement each other stronger partners, aims to do 1 +1> 2 Effect."

Smart lighting is not the strategic layout of the strategy of the OSRAM family.

Earlier this year, Philips Lighting CEO Eric Rondolat said that Philips decided to sell the OLED device business to a professional partner, which will focus on business and resources, the development of innovative intelligent lighting system.

At the same time, GE in the field of intelligent lighting big move also attracted a lot of attention. Earlier this year, GE announced that the industry leader Qualcomm and Apple to promote intelligent lighting products. Since then, GE announced that it will launch a new color LED intelligent light bulbs, the product will be listed at the end of this year.

According to statistics, is expected in 2018, the global smart lighting market is expected to more than 70 billion US dollars, intelligent lighting market will be further release.

In addition to Philips, Osram, GE and Career and other international giants to join them, many well-known domestic enterprises also smell this new business, "Blue Ocean" new opportunity. It is understood that wood Linsen, Op, Sunshine, three male Aurora, Hongyan, Rieter and other enterprises in the field of intelligent lighting to open up the layout.

But for many LED-ming enterprises, in the intelligent lighting market share of the big cake, is not easy. Because this means that enterprises in product technology, supply chain, channel and other aspects of a new transformation and upgrading.