What are the advantages of graphene lamps PK LED street lamp?

What are the advantages of graphene lamps PK LED street lamp?

The world's thinnest, the largest strength, thermal conductivity of the strongest nano-materials began to civilian. In Beijing, street lights on both sides of the road are being "embedded" into a black technology. I recently learned from the Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Municipal Engineering Group, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department was informed that the roads in the Chaoyang North Road, ongoing road upgrading project will be the first use of graphene as a new lighting materials, and the autonomy of technology from Zhongguancun. Compared to the previous LED lights, graphene lamps can save 20% to 30%.
What are the advantages of graphene lamps PKLED street lamps?
Deputy center of the first taste of the recent completion
The "graphene" known as the "black gold" and "king of new materials" is considered to be the thinnest, strongest and most conductive nanostructured material ever discovered. It is also the most promising material for the future one. In the Beijing city on both sides of the road lights, graphene and play what role?

"From the appearance to see this dark gray composite material, but in fact the thermal plastic, the chip used a lot of graphene." Responsible for the construction of the project of the Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Municipal Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Department, said the person in charge. In fact, graphene is applied to a "high-power LED module" body. "Graphene heat of high-power LED module" production process, the graphene composites are used in chip heat conduction, heat flux density dilution and infrared radiation enhancement.

Application of this new material, new technology, street lighting module can not replace the lamp shell under the premise of direct sodium lamp replacement, compared to the previous double the efficiency. It is reported that new materials into graphene lights, will be the first to appear in Chaoyang North Road, Tongzhou District, 28 roads, is currently stepping up construction, is expected to be completed recently.

Technology comes from a single Zhongguancun

These 28 roads on both sides of the "graphene lights" light effect is 140 lumens / watt, while the current mainstream is only 110 lumens / watt. Digital gap, in fact, technology research, such a high luminous efficiency of "graphene lamps" is the world's first mass production.

In fact, this technology comes from Zhongguancun. "This independent research and development of technology is the only one, this time to achieve the 'Beijing technology' 'Beijing'." Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises Mingshuo technology founder Chen Wei from North Polytechnic after graduation, Eyes on the "graphene lighting."

"Graphene" Although hot, but the main heat in the production, industrial applications are few people interested, because the storm sad. Chen Wei said, graphene lighting technology independent research five years sword. And finally developed, the technology was immediately included last year, the Urban Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued a list of new energy-saving low-carbon technology recommended; in this year's China (Beijing, Tianjin) International Graphite Thin Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, the project Also won the first prize.

To Tongzhou 28 on the road, "graphene lights", for example, the most critical material is thermal plastic, "thermal plastic should be integrated into the graphene gel, as a composite material to play it a good thermal conductivity Characteristics, which is technically the most difficult research.

"Black Gold" lighting energy-saving 23 percent

The highlight of graphene is energy efficiency. "Heat control, and light efficiency will improve." Chen Wei calculations to reporters, graphene as a result of better performance in thermal conductivity, compared to ordinary LED lights save a lot of cooling area, so than the LED Lamps can save 20% to 30%; and if compared to ordinary sodium lamps, but also can save 70%.

In this way, on the basis of the same electricity consumption, graphene street lamp brightness will be higher, and this benefit can also benefit driving the drivers on the road. Ordinary LED lights almost have a "light black" problem, the surrounding bright, but under the street lights dark; and graphene lamps due to changes in brightness and light distribution, you can basically avoid such a light on the road staggered "Zebra effect".

In addition, from the appearance, these street lamps as a result of reducing the heat area, will be able to free up more places on the shape diversity. It is understood that the Tongzhou 28 graphene lights on the road, with the surrounding urban landscape, with sailing and other eighty-nine kinds of modeling.