New road poles debut, can also charge the Internet

New road poles debut, can also charge the Internet

As Beijing to carry out composite road light pole technology research project stage results, the first batch of 20 composite light poles in the left Ante Street West debut. It is understood that the composite light pole set intelligent lighting, micro base stations, WiFi connection, road video surveillance, air temperature and pressure information release, charging pile and many other functions in one, the future of this street in the city six pilot completed 100 composite Street lighting construction.

20 gold bronze poles standing on both sides of the road in the left An Men West Street, lamp base painted part of the Xiangyun design, including two poles also with a square display, the above shows where the wind speed, temperature, Pressure and other information. "This composite light pole through the 'smart city access platform' to achieve video surveillance, wireless city WiFi coverage, PM2.5 intelligent perception, intelligent charging pile, municipal facilities monitoring and other functions." Beijing Urban Lighting Management Center Chief Engineer Egret said.

According to the city's urban lighting management center operations maintenance department deputy director Chen Renxian introduced, the top of the poles is the WiFi signal transceiver, can provide free access to the public service; down is the lighting street, according to traffic flow and special weather to adjust light intensity; Down to the monitoring probe, the equipment and facilities, community roads for real-time monitoring; and then down the electronic display and environmental sensors, sensors can be monitored by PM2.5, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental information and Real-time display on the screen; the bottom of the public charging pile, the public can download the APP to make an appointment to charge.

According to Chen Renxian introduced in the left street 20 street lamps, 18 with charging pile function, the other two fully equipped poles, with video surveillance, wireless connectivity and other functions. Reporters standing near a light pole, open the phone search to see the name "fuhexingludeng" wireless network, click on the required connection to complete the use.

Chen Renxian said, in addition to a variety of functions, the composite light pole can also achieve intelligent control of a single lamp, the installation of the system can be monitored in real time on the computer to each street lamp operation. Found after the failure, the staff can accurately locate which section of the lamp which lights, but also eliminates the need for artificial night inspection links, significant savings in manpower.

It is understood that, put into operation, the composite light pole will move towards the application of materialization, and will be within the scope of the city six pilot roads completed 100 composite pole construction, not only provide lighting for night travel, but also in the safe city Construction, urban information release, emergency warning, convenience communication services, environmental pollution monitoring, emergency power supply, etc. to provide services for the public.