Founded in 2001, dailux  began as a small Radiator manufacturing plant with the goal of providing quality LED technology and LED light Radiator, great customer service,and superior technical support to our customers.
Today, DAILUX  has grown to become one of the leading  of LED lightsand accessories manufacturers by:
Assembling the best team, from 12 years experience in research and development of LED radiator we r &d team, 4 years experience in LED light market sales team,and production management team.

Developing new products and adding to our existing product lines to better serve our customers' needs.

Testing all products extensively for quality and dependability.

Have questions about LEDs?

We are here to help, whether you are changing one bulb or updating all of your lighting.

After all, at DAILUX we offer LED Lighting for Everything.

Excellent Product,Great service,Fast shipping.

Our Services
Lighting Design
LED lights can be confusing when trying to compare them with existing lighting technologies to achieve the same lux levels and light appearance in new projects and retrofits.  Not for us. 
Dialux simulations 
With over 12 years experience in LED lighting projects we offer our own in-house lighting design service with Dialux simulations to put your mind at ease that your project will meet government and company required light levels.
Custom Light Fixtures
Sometimes you need a custom built LED lighting solution for your facility, project or product.  With our own manufacturing and assembly facility on the ground we are able to offer design, engineering and production services for custom built LED lights to meet your needs.