Our partners

Let DAILUX be your Commerical LED Lighting Partner We are global LED lighting suppliers and will come to you! New businesses every day see the advantages of switching to DAILUX, and using us as their preferred commercial LED lighting partners. We pride ourselves on giving the best advice to businesses of all sizes. Our open, honest and professional approach is preferred by some of the biggest organisations in the Europea and US. We are constantly attracting new customers who understand the benefits of our commercial LED products, and customers that can see how cost effective and environmentally friendly our products are. If you are looking for a better return on your investment, a quicker payback period, and an eco-friendly product, as well as less drain on your budgets; then DAILUX is the commercial lighting supplier for you. So why not join our ever growing customer base and enjoy huge savings, more control and better performance. Talk to us now, you’ll be glad you did! We are proud to list the following organisations among DAILUX’s installed clients