The second of triple dimming function,Applying additive 10V PWM signal:Dimming 10%  to 100% brightness(Output current 10%~100%) by changing the duty cycle of additive 10V PWM signal dimming input(10%~100%)  UL&DLC&CE&RoHs&FCC&SAA&CB certifications approved

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Dailux is very proud to introduce it's next generation of LED new design Diamond 155lm/w High Bay Luminaires called the HBL-Series. Improvements over previous designs and incorporating state of the art new features.

Key Features

1.The first patented proprietary optics and higher transmittance 95% water wave lens.

2.155 lm/w high luminous efficiency,15500 luminous flux.

3.IP66 protection class, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion proof.

4.Using high-strength aluminum alloy body, stable, beautiful and fully recyclable.

5.Die-casting aluminum radiator, professional technology thermal management.

6.Independent of the external Meanwell driver, beneficial to heat dissipation.

7.Contains no mercury or lead and cool to the touch.

8.60/90/120 degree IES distribution selection, national listing lab tested with IES standard.

9.Nichia LED chips.3000k~5700k color temperature Selection.

10.Simple installation, Chain mount, Pole mount, Surface mount.

11.Quick connect waterproof adaptors on Meanwell drivers, security protection.

12.Surface anti-aging electrostatic spray-paint processing, ensure longer lifespan.

13.Instant on and off without delay or re-strike.

14.No infrared of UV radiation - Reduced insects.

15.Up to 50000 hrs lifespan,10-year warranty.

16.Designed for harsh temperature and high humidity

17.Government support available(DLC UL CE RoHs)

Light Distribution diagram

3 in 1 dimming function

Output constant current level can be adjusted by applying one of the three methodologies between DIM+ and DIM-:1 ~ 10VDC, or 10V PWM signal or resistance.
Direct connecting to LEDs is suggested. It is not suitable to be used with additional drivers.
Dimming source current from power supply: 100μA (typ.)

Applying additive 1 ~ 10VDC:

Applying additive 10V PWM signal (frequency range 100Hz ~ 3KHz):

Applying additive resistance:


availible for the installation height of 10-20ft(feet)

100W UFO high bay light

Ordering Information

Example: HBL-100W-60-NW-N1-U4-MW

Product Watt Beam Angle CCT

LED Brand




































Note: Blank" If you don't need this feature.

Dimensions & weight

Power Driver Diameter G.W
Customized Power Dailux Driver



Meanwell Driver 10.3*10.3*6.8in
Meanwell Power Dailux Driver



Meanwell Driver 8.16lb

Comparative Kelvin Color Temperature Chart

Why choose led? 
LED(Light Emitting Deode)bulbs save users 50-90% on energy usage compared to halogen,CFLS &incandescent bulbs, which means lower electricity bills for anyone who replaces their old lights with LEDs;
Longer Life: LEDs last 30000-50000 hours which is 30 times longer than incandescent, 25 times 
longer than halogen and 10 times longer than CFLS;
Shatter Resistant: LED Lights are made with safty coated plastic consisting of solid state 
components making them shatter & water resistant unlike halogen,CFLS & incandescent lights 
all of which are fragile;
Less Heat: LED light output rises at lower temperatures so LED lights emit less heat than halogen,CFLS and incandescent lamps, means lower AC usage in the summer;
No Mercury: LED light bulbs have zero mercury(Hg), unlike the energy saver CFLS which contain mercury, means serious potential health problem to anyone exposed & they can not be recycled or disposed of in domestic waste. If mercury gets into the ecosystem, it can evolve into a more harmful variant that can cause serous contanmination to our food and water supplies;
Shine Bright: LED lights have high marks on the color rendering index(CRI), which indicates accurate true color reproduction, means they produce a superior color light that is more pleasing and relaxing, increasing comfor and mood!

What’s the features of these led high bay light?
Key features as below
• High performance LED design delivering up to 100 lumens per watt.
• Specialized thermal management allows up to 55°C ambient temperature ratings.
• Minimum operating temperature of -40˚C.
• Meets CE RoHS compliance standards.
• Custom engineered LED optics providing optimally controlled and evenly distributed light.
• can choose several kinds of Beam Angle.
• prevent salt fog corrosion.
• Using Meanwell safe and reliable power supply.
• Sealed optic for long life and durability.
• Warranty - Five years from date of purchase.

Where can I used led high bay light?
The NEW Dailux LED Highbay is designed to efficiently light any large interior space such as heavy industrial settings warehouses,gyms,churches, swimming pools/natatorium and shopping malls.
high bay lighting,UFO high bay light,diamond high bay light,LED high bay,china high bay light
high bay lighting,UFO high bay light,diamond high bay light,LED high bay,china high bay light
high bay lighting,UFO high bay light,diamond high bay light,LED high bay,china high bay light
high bay lighting,UFO high bay light,diamond high bay light,LED high bay,china high bay light
high bay lighting,UFO high bay light,diamond high bay light,LED high bay,china high bay light
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Rings M10*0.47in SUS304

Hook G1/2 screw thread hook  Aluminum+spray

Three-core waterproof connectors

LLT-L16 Three-core butt sleeve water waterproof connectors

  Surface mounting bracket

Bracket: 360 degree bracket (10.59*7.20*1.65*0.12in), cold-roll sheets RAL9005(Black)

1pc; still screw:Plum flower head hex-socket screw M8*16 SUS304(Three combination)

2pcs; Angle adjustment hex-socket M4*10 SUS304(Three combination


Lock Ring  lock ring 2.57*1.14*0.24in 35# steel with zinc on surface

Lens(60 degree/90 degree) 60 degree PC lens 8.9*8.9*0.37in
90 degree PC lens 8.9*8.9*0.37in

Safety rope screw using 0.08in steel wirerope,     0.67*0.34*0.26in aperture diameter 0.18in stainless steel, with tainless stell Slotted screw
    7*7 piece stainless steel  304 steel wirerope, diameter, cutting length 39.37in