Dailux 20W LED Ceiling lights with 3hrs emergency are designed to replace the traditional 2D fluorescent type.This 20w version offers in excess of 1,800lm. The unique design of the light guide coveroffers a high light output that spreads to wall and ceilings to offer an architectural look.This product has been designed to offer an even light output with no dark spot. This product is truly a fit and forget solution.

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20W IP65 modern led circular flush mount ceiling light with Emergency

20W circular ceiling light dimensions

(The figure is a size 20W circular ceiling light with Emergency) 

Model NO.:CLR315-20W-E

Min Order:1 Piece

Product description

This LED ceiling light offers you brilliant light with enough lumen, excellent color rendering and a high luminous efficiency. You can have it fixed in a room of about 160-200 square foot. It turns onto full brightness immediately, provides you with brilliant light without the warm-up time that fluorescent lights require. 
This fashionable ceiling light is perfect for a utility area, such as the laundry, garage, basement or storage room. It's also greatly suitable to your kitchen, office, walk-in closet, pantry and many other places where you need a brighter ceiling light. By adopting a PC housing and qualified LEDs, this overhead light gives off uniform and bright light without flickering, keeping your eyes free from harsh and glare lights

Certification:CE FCC RoHS PSE C-TICK 

CE  certificationFCC certificationROHS certificationPSE certificationC-TICK certification

Product Features

• No glass.
• High light efficiency.
• Integral emergency options.
• Integral Microwave sensor.
• Overall profile radiator professional thermal management.
• Long lifespan (over 50000 hrs), 5 years warranty.
• Comply with latest safety and EMC standard.
• Better lighting uniformity by adopting high - performance.
• No harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
• Conform to ROHS,no any harmful substance.
• Available in cool white, neutral white, and warm white color.
• With built-in power supply,security,beautiful and easy installation.

Areas Of Application

Dailux LED Ceiling lights are designed to replace the traditional fluorescent type.Perfect for covered walkways, utility rooms, parking garages, and Supermarket & Hospital Commercial Complexes,Residential/Institution Buildings Corridor,Stairway entrance lighting and much more!

Electrical Specification

Input voltage
Input Frequency
Typical Efficiency
Rate wattage Lumen Flux
AC100~277V 50/60Hz 84% 18W 1600Lm

Emergency option

The unit will provide 3W maximum output power at emergency mode. You can on and off the LED lights by the switch when main power supply, but no matter switch on or off, system will work on emergency mode supply by batteries when power cut-off.

Batteries discharge specifications

Battery discharge current
- - 1000mA Measured at 12V input for batteries
Output voltage
30V 31V 33V
Output constant current
- - 125mA
Output power
- - 5W
Emergency time
Output power
3 hours
5w 12V 1600mAh NiMH

Environmental Specification

Operation Temperature
- 40℃
Storage Temperature
-40℃ - 80℃

Light Distribution diagram

Installation Guide

1. Drilling 2 holes like picture .Ceiling mounting with expansion screws.

2. Wiring ,base lock legs, fixed screw. 

3 LED module light mounting with screws, turning the lampshade into the base like the drawing.fixed screw.
Attention:A,C are Light's hole.
1.Improper operation caused lossed,the manufacture does not undertake any responsibility.
2.These items only for indoors use.

Ordering Information

Example: CLR315-E-U4-WW

E MWS Voltage
Beam Spread


Microwave sensor


82 CRI
150° Wide

Mechanical Outline







How many kinds of series for IP65 LED ceiling lighting fixture?
For the time being, Dailux energy saving have developed Four kinds of series:CLR315,CLR325,CLS315 and CLT series for CLT270,CLT310 and CLT360.
Dailux energy saving led ceiling lighting fixture was IP65 protection for wet location application, What’s more, Dustproof and moistureproof integrated functional for variety of projects.

Where can I use Dailux energy saving IP65 LED ceiling light fixtures? 

Normally, Dailux energy saving IP65 LED ceiling light fixtures are perfect for covered walkways, utility rooms
parking garages, stairwells, corridor, hall and restroom.

Can I replace 40W fluorescent with 18W LED ceiling lighting fixture directly in my parking lot?

Yes, sure. Also,we will suggest you try 18W CLS315 with microwave sensor and emergency integrated function for your such project. For more details, please kindly contact our sales team to check more technical data.Thanks.

What’s the features of Dailux energy saving IP65 LED ceiling lighting fixture?

The key features as below,
1.uniform illumination distribution
2.High lumen Epistar chips
3.Instant start,Quiet, no fickering ,no humming,No glare
4.Emergency, Sensor and Dimming options available
5.Delicate shape, light weight, easy installation
6.Anti-collision, impact and vibration resistant
7.Using Epistar LED chipset

How do I measure the annual running cost of a 18 W LED ceiling lighting fixture compared to 40W fluorescent lamp?

The running costs can be determined by the following.
Annual running cost $ = Wattage /1000 KWH x Hours (Number of hours use per day) x cents per KWH (Cost of electricity)
Example: What is the annual savings when I compare a Dailux energy saving 18 W LED ceiling lighting fixture used for 10 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year, with the cost of electricity at 21 cents per KW Hour ?
Annual Cost for 18 W LED ceiling lighting fixture = 18/1000 x (10 x 7 x 52) x $0.21 = $13.759
Annual Cost for 40W fluorescent lamp = 40/1000 x (10 x 7 x 52) x $0.21 = $30.576
Based on the medium size parking garages with an average of 30x 40W fluorescent lamp and a cost of electricity at 21 cents per Kilowatt hour, the annual savings would be more than $500 per year.
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light fixtures,ceiling,20w led ceiling light with 3hrs emergency,3hours emergency 20w round led canopy light,20w led bulkhead with emergency,20w round led bulk head light